Ikat motif

Tenun Ikat is Indonesian cloth weaving craft, where a fabric been woven from strands of the weft or warp of threads that were previously tied and dipped in natural dyes.

The loom used is not a machine. The Ikat fabrics can be sewn to clothing and fashion accessories, upholstery furniture, or interior decorating. You can see below some cushion covers I have made from Tenun Ikat fabric.

Before weaving, the strands of yarn wrapped (bound) with a plastic strap in accordance with a pattern or a desired decorative pattern. When dyed, the yarn is tied with plastic straps will not stain. Made of double Ikat weaving weft and warp yarns which are both already given a motive through binding technique before dipped into the dye.
Ikat weaving techniques found in various regions in Indonesia. Areas in Indonesia which is famous for ikat fabrics includes: Toraja, Sintang, Jepara, Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Sumba,Flores, and Timor. Gringsing fabric of Tenganan, Ubud, Bali is the only fabric in Indonesia that are made from double ikat technique.
Ikat fabrics can be distinguished from songket fabric based on the type of yarn. Songket generally wear gold or silver thread. Songket motifs are only visible on one side of the fabric, while the Ikat fabric pattern visible on both sides of the fabric.

Gucci 2010 Spring Summer collections was inspired by Ikat motif too, (image from google)

and the H&M bikinis, (image from google)

Today, I am in my Ikat look (or is it more Missoni look?), which is a printed one (not woven)

And off we go to watch The Adventures of Tintin, with main animator from Indonesia Rini Sugianto

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