When the lights fade

Standing on a ledge, at the beginning of a long walk, towards an invisible path, where the day wound up and the night is brushed aside… at the end was a fog, an eerie figure of evanescent residues that has faded away. 

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Tonle Sap [unpublished]

A friend of mine has inspired me to write down and post about my trip to Cambodia; and one of the visit was to Tonle Sap lake.

Tonlé Sap, tonle literally means large river and sap means fresh, not salty; it is commonly translated to "Great Lake".
Tonlé Sap Lake and an attached river stretched 120 km long Tonlé Sap River, that connects the lake to the Mekong River. It is the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia, that contains an exceptional large variety of interconnected eco-regions with a high degree of biodiversity is a biodiversity hotspot and was designated as a UNESCO biosphere reserve in 1997.

Printed short dress

Tell me something about the feeling of never ever wants to paint your nightmare in your reality, how do you feel?

When you surpassed the nightmares and you arrived in your awakened state of mind of simple thoughts, would you draw another one in your dreams and pray and pray it won’t turn into reality but then you’re awake and it is your reality?

Jumpsuit (verso 3)

Tip toeing on a thin layer of ice

With all the time wasted, I am still a human being trying to achieve perfect understanding of another human being.

I have invested an enormous amount of time and energy in serious efforts to know another person, but in the end, I never come to know that person’s essence.

At least I thought I knew, but no, I do not really know anything important about this human being.

And now I am tip toeing on a thin layer of ice, hoping not to break it.

thank you all for stopping by and viewing the post...

Obi Wan Kenobi [Personal thoughts]

Obi is a sash that normally worn with Kimono in Japan, but this one is mine that I worn with a dress. On the personal thought side of the story, this year I have determined to declutter my life, which means:
  • I am cleaning it from unnecessary relationship that is not beneficial for both party
  • More focused on the the subject of minimizing my house--in terms of keeping what is necessary and it could mean that I am back to basic but happy life.
  • Focused more on work and task in hand
All of the 3 above seems so simple, but trust me its a handful most of the time!
Decluttering in work area and home are great ways to start reducing the clutter and stress in my life! I have learned that for a long time, but never put it in practice!