Independence Day

"Gantungkan cita-cita mu setinggi langit! Bermimpilah setinggi langit. Jika engkau jatuh, engkau akan jatuh di antara bintang-bintang."

"Set your goals sky-high! Dream as high as the sky. If you fall, you will fall among the stars."


Happy Independence day Indonesia, happy 72!

Black Romper

The weather is not that nice these days, we have plenty of cloudy days and some rainy days in the middle of July-August. Can you imagine? Anyways, it seems to affect the photo shot too...  can't tell what color I am now...   

thank you all for stopping by and viewing the post...

Huizen NL (unpublished)

I didn't realize that people are actually counting how many countries they've visited and how many cities they've visited in their lifetime. And some of the travel blogger even kind of pinning and writing them down on their main page/ instagram (I kind of write it down too). So here I am going through my blog page and surprised that I didn't list them. Plus I visited many other countries too, but didn't even post it here on the blog. You probably noticed the "unpublished" series by now, and yes, they are my trips that I haven't posted yet.

So here goes another one, where I stayed a good 4 days at my cousins home, Huizen NL.