Distressed Leather

oh geez gosh... we arrived to this! so this is my leather lace dress that I bought in March 2016, and was featured here 

This is what humidity was doing on the leather part of the dress, it basically slaughtering the dress 😢😢😢  Sad isn't it?

I am planning to change that bit and with so much love will featuring it again soonest! xx

Little Blue Dress

I feel like I always wants to include write up in every post I released. Most of the time I 'd be busy and so I cannot include even a small blurb. It's not about me having a writers block or completely out of idea about what I am going to write. Trust me, I have opinions, lot of opinions... and I speak out loud, no filter intended! There are plenty of subjects that I can write about, but I only really wants to limit it to the subject at heart, 💕💕💞💖💖

So I will come back to this page, when the time is right, otherwise it will be in the next post instead.

Chasing Waterfalls (Tegenungan & Blangsinga)

My photos are by Metta 💖 and Teekshna 💝

So one waterfall is separated in two region because it simply runs through different villages, the head of the waterfall called Blangsinga is Petanu river runs down as waterfall called Tegenungan.

Navy blue top

"Best not to look back. Best to believe there will be happily ever afters all the way around - and so there may be; who is to say there will not be such endings? Not all boats which sail away into darkness never find the sun again, or the hand of another child; if life teaches anything at all, it teachers that there are so many happy endings that the man who believes there is no God needs his rationality called into serious question." Stephen King, It